The Merck Patient Assistance Program provides certain Merck medicines free of charge to eligible patients.
The Merck Access Program representatives can refer you to the Merck Patient Assistance Program for eligibility determination.
Who is the program for?
Patients who do not have insurance, or who cannot afford their prescribed Merck medicine even with prescription drug coverage, may be eligible for free drug product from the Merck Patient Assistance Program if they meet certain financial, medical, and/or insurance criteria.

For more information on the program's eligibility requirements, please visit

Getting started is simple

1. Work with your health care provider to download and complete the enrollment form, OR complete the electronic patient enrollment form.

2. Submit the electronic patient enrollment form online, or print and fax the completed downloadable form to 833-996-3275.

3. A program representative will contact you and your health care provider's office.

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